Ban Chung Wing Chun Kuen.

September 21, 2008

After the skype session with Russ and Mark, I was seiving thru some of my stuff, trying to get them organized and I found a box labeled “Por Suk”.

Apart from footages of Por Suk in action, there are some discs with him talking about history, concept etc etc including an entire album of old pics and handwritten notes; some are correspondences, from years back, between him and Poon Yu in China.

Re-reading, I realised how much info are contained within those letters, info pertaining to origin and migratory path of WCK from the “red boat” onwards.

I remember telling Por Suk then that if the opportunity appears, I would get them published.

Well, now with 3 brains, I think the time is opportune.

What do you think fellow cobblers – a book on “Ban Chung Wing Chun Kuen” ?

I will be in Penang for a few days next month and I can get more from Por Suk – enough for a book I am sure.

One Response to “Ban Chung Wing Chun Kuen.”

  1. markvwiley Says:

    I LOVE the idea!! Count me in. I have some great ideas for it. Let’s have a skpe sessions just for this before you go, so you can get everything you need on this trip!!


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