Too commercial ? No Siree !

September 11, 2008

This exchanged over at Kung Fu Galaxy :-

Jeroen said…
I bought 2 PDF’s and the DVD set. All three about within a week. Now its 15,-. This site is becoming too expensive for me 😦

If I did not bought the PDF’s I might be able to donate to you, but I guess now I miss out on the video.

Its becoming more commercial then I thought the project would be …

September 11, 2008 1:15 AM

Blogger ericling said…


Thanks for your purchases – you are one of the very few to actually buy anything from this site.

As a token of my appreciation, I will start sending the wmv files to your email (please write to

No this is not a “commercial” project – I am finding it hard to sustain the long hours and extra manpower needed to keep it going that’s all.

If only I get more of you…

Thank you very much.

September 11, 2008 6:34 AM

I want to set the record straight here as I believe both blogs share the same visitors’ base and I want to maintain Kung Fu Galaxy for storing archived materials only.

The reality is that we are getting very little support; outside of Mark, some of my students in the States and obviously the gentleman above, I am finding it “discouraging” with the situation.

In fact, a couple of days back, Mark & I were talking on the phone regarding this very same topic.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do but the late nights and justifying the extra manpower to keep going is stretching it thin – really thin.

I am at a point where I am reviewing and re-prioritizing my work load and with so many activities planned for next year – I need to be careful….

Again, if you can, support us.

I am not asking for a lot, just enough to keep the projects running.

Thank you.

2 Responses to “Too commercial ? No Siree !”

  1. markvwiley Says:

    I have to say that everything I have purchased from you has been inexpensive, and very worth the price. Actually, much more than the price. I can’t tell you, Eric, how much money I spent going to Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, etc, etc just to meet and learn from some of great masters. And to now have them all at my disposal, any time of day… and most for no-charge to me~WOW! And here in the West, a DVD will cost $30 USD on one style. So for me, and many others out there like me, a mere $15 donation for video of masters of rare styles in action, and $3.50 for PDF of rare material… is truly a bargain… and mostly a blessing.

    I hope we can gather enough support to keep these sites online. If not… it will be everyone’s loss.

  2. eric88ling Says:


    Thanks for that comment.

    Like I said, I will try my level best to keep all the sites going.

    But every now and then, I need my Carlsbergs…you understand:-)

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