Singapore Zhong He Quan / Combined Fists.

September 4, 2008

I spoke about this elsewhere – can’t remember exactly where, some forums or something.

“Singapore Zhong He Quan/Combined Fists” – an 80s effort by the then “Singapore Kuo Shu” Headquarter.

They brought together northern/southern styles in an attempt to unite the various streams.

So what you got is a salad mix of :-

– Tan Tui

– 7 Stars PM

– Northern Shaolin

– Southern Fukien Shaolin – Ven. Sek’s line

– 5 Ancestors

– Grand Ancestor

– Hung Gar

_ Pak Hok Pai

– Zhou Jia

etc etc…

Not exactly my cup of tea but still a “milestone” project in the history of Singapore’s TCMA.

Making the whole book available in Kung Fu Galaxy in the next couple of days; raining like crazzzy outside, not a smart thing to try and upload big files with all that thunder and lightnings.

Smarter to sit in front of the TV, with a Carlsberg and watch some DVDs……

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