September 2, 2008

And one more thing – I am now in “Facebook” as “Eric Ling”….what else?

You know, I’ve being getting invites to be friend at this site and I never really understood what it’s all about. “Cannot teach old dog new tricks” truism at work I guess.

I am happy with emails, forums and now blogs and I must have some innate mechanism to reject anything shiny new and explosively popular by any accounts…

Then friends come up to sing how “Facebook” is this super-duper “social networking” space that I must enroll yiddy yiddy….you know… the don’t know when to stop type….

Social networking? Where is the Carlsberg I yelled?

But, instead of persisting in swimming against the tide, I am now officially “in your face….facebook I mean”…..


One Response to “Facebook.”

  1. markvwiley Says:

    Eric, great to see you in facebook. And thank you for joining my group, Beng Hong Ngo Cho Kun. I also posted that we will be working together. Looking forward to see more of you!

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