August 30, 2008

I was talking to some friends and students yesterday morning and wanted to share those discussions – kind of intertwined in a way…


First I was talking to Wayne, my student in Colorado, and found out that “Kempo First Foundation” founded by a good friend, Hanshi Ron Carlson, is facing some issues with making ends meet.


Well, we all know things are not great at the moment and it looks like a worldwide condition. Will be real sad to see that school stopping – I am really indebted to those folks for giving me the opportunity to teach when I was first out in Colorado….


So if any of you are in that part and want to pick up some Kempo or White Crane, go check out the school.


Back home here in SE Asia, things have been unfavorable for CKF for a while now. I don’t want to go into the reasons but rather center my energy in doing my bit to help conserve some of the styles that are fast fading out.


Most of you would know that I work very closely with Sifu Liew Joon Mew, Sifu Liang Ti Lien and Sifu Kong Shu Ming and it really upsetting to know that their arts are facing such impending prospect of vanishing.


Well folks, I have lobbied to the relevant “authorities” and will continue to do so and I am confident that someone, somewhere in the hierarchy will empathize and initiate the right course of actions.


On my own, I am hoping to record and archive as much as possible for the future generations, I dread to have them go through what I experienced.


To read about some art forms just to find out that they died out in the last hundred years……


And here we are quarreling about lineages and histories – shooting rubber bands at the moon to me!















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