Help needed :-)

August 24, 2008

Hi folks,

This is an entry of a different nature – a solicitation message.

I presume most of you tuning in here are aware of my other blog – Kung Fu Galaxy. (KFG)

That site is all about transferring, hopefully, everything that I have accumulated over the years online.

Easier said than done; all the scanning, uploading and then attaching it to that the site – this project is consuming helluva lot of resources.

And I want to keep it on a free-access basis and not limited to paying members; the format that you see many other sites implement.

Still, some help will be really nice and  help us sustain our work – I am making use of my company’s manpower to cover a big scope of the work involved.

  • Make a donation, any amount, if you like what I am doing. Soon I will have a Paypal link on KFG and here for trouble-free processing.

  • Purchase products that we are current producing. I will add the link once this ready in the next couple of days. All product designs are inspired by traditional MA concepts and images.

  • Some of my books can be downloaded in PDF format for a very small fee usually under USD10. You will find links for “Choy Gar Kuen” and “Chinese Kung Fu kicks” available in this entry.

  • Click on thumbnails of pictures I post. I am using “shareapic” and they are paying a small (very small) sum for per thousand impressions.

  • Help me with traffic – if you are active in forums, other blogs etc, I will really appreciate it if you could pass the word around about KFG.

Well, here is the “Choy Gar” book mentioned and you can download the entire book for USD5 and “CKF kicks” for USD3.75.

Choy Gar Kuen
buy this e-book on Lulu.

Chinese Kung Fu Kicks
buy this e-book on Lulu.

Thank you.

2 Responses to “Help needed :-)”

  1. markvwiley Says:

    Eric, I will purchase your PDFs and I will prepare to teach a seminar and donate all proceeds to your selfless efforts. My student Adrian Gardner and I will work on promoting the seminar in either Philadelphia or New York City asap and everyone is welcome. We will then use your PayPay link to transfer the donation so it will be readily available. Let’s hope for a big turnout! I will let you and everyone know the date and place when I have it secured.

  2. eric88ling Says:

    Thank you very much Mark.

    It’s been my longtime dream to start something like this; gather all TCMA lovers together and work at researching, preserving and promoting the arts we all “sacrifice” so much for.

    Kung Fu Galaxy is the first step of a long journey – I started this some 10 years back but I had to walk away because of other commitments…

    This, second time round, I want to able to work with folks everywhere.

    And thank you again….

    Really means a lot to me to have you response so quickly.

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