Step aside, open wide, I am Right!!!

August 20, 2008

I’ve got mails asking for the rationale that I quit interacting in public forums.

Don’t you miss the sharing and brainstorming and all that jazz they asked?

Well, I am contented sharing via the couple of blogs that I am currently handling and yes, I do get mails/messages concerning subject matters I post about.

Frankly, I find forums tiresome sometimes; frequently a topic starts off all right and then, next thing you know, some all-knowing mavericks come in and spin everything out-of-control.

And you start questioning the purpose of it all.

Some folks are downright rude in forums and their behaviors are no different from that of a bully or a non-biting barking dog.

So unless you are prepared to engage in shouting matches …. Just stay in the fringe and be entertained.

Kinda like WWE – you know how they yell and thump their chests and threaten to destroy opponents in the ring ???

All in the name of entertainment folks … all in the name of entertainment……


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