Shr Zi Zhan.

August 20, 2008

Just posted another promo clip over at youtube and I just want to share some experience here…

“Shr Zhi Zhan Quan” or “Character 10 Battle” – one of the Jin Wu’s standard forms.

Many years ago, when I was still serving in the Singapore Army; we got a mandatory draft system there; I met someone by the name of Andrew Lim.

Andrew was a “hardcore” northern stylist (ahem! “hardcore” read as “prejudiced”) who was training over at Singapore Jin Wu Association.

A really pleasant fellow, just don’t mention southern kung fu to him; his reaction was typically “you southern guys are lazy, no enough stretching or jumping blah blah blah”.

Not to be mistaken for a modern Wushu player, Andrew was all about “fighting”; we were sparring as often as we could in the army base where we were attached.

We became close friends and I visited him numerous times to watch him and his school trained.

Besides Jin Wu, Andrew was also training with another “Bak Siu Lum” rooftop school and this was where they did all his sanda training.

Basically a splinter group of Jin Wu, they only did 4 empty hand forms – Tan Tui (12 roads), Gung Li, Shr Zhi Zhan and Jie Quan.

But it was the 2 man drills that really impressed me – they would take techniques out of the 4 forms and turned them into pre-arranged sparring techniques.

I got to say that I concur with some folks who think that original CKF training was san shou drills that evolved into solo forms.

Watching those northern guys trained made it all plausible to my mind.


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