Don’t go breaking my arm…..

August 20, 2008

Talk to any CKF exponents from my generation and they’ll tell you that names like:-

  • Chong Beng Joo
  • Teo Choon Teck
  • Yeo Cheng Kiat
  • David Kee

were gigantic in the world of “breaking”.

Back then, they were all trying to outdo each other in terms of breaking feats; all in the name of friendly competition.

I’ve seen how they applied bone/flesh onto iron rods, solid red bricks, tiles and hardened urns in manners that defied logic.

But then again, I’ve also witnessed and experienced all the behind-the-scene training in San Cheen Do.

The old CKF saying “Ten years of hard work off- stage for 10 minutes glory on- stage”.

True true, how very true…..

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