The heart of San Cheen Do – Sanchin.

August 19, 2008

San Cheen Do is essentially “Tai Chor” or Taizu.

Fundamental training is pretty generic – stances, basic hand techniques, kicks and throws but after about 6 months to a year, the focal point is on “San Cheen” or more commonly spelled as “Sanchin”.

We learn and drill 3 San Cheen forms thoroughly – “sky”, “earth” and “man” San Cheen in Tai Chor’s terminology.

There are many beliefs about Sanchin – breathing, dynamic tension, cultivation of mind/body co-ordination but to Ah Teck, Sanchin is ,first and foremost, “iron body training”.

To teach the body to take impacts and toughen the limbs to break opponent’s attacking limbs and body.

Here are some pics of San Cheen Do “iron body” in action and let’s me just say, Ah Teck is very fond of kicking /punching your throat, solar plexus etc etc when you are doing Sanchin forms.

Just like “Candid Camera” you know – when you least expects it……

Breaking coconut using forehead.

Ah Teck and iron rod bent into his rid cage.

That’s glass chips that Ah Teck is jumping on.

Ah Teck smashing roof tiles into his brother’s head.

Wooden log rammed into Ah Teck mid -section.

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