Gibberish :-(

August 18, 2008

Just to give you an idea of degree of work involved in translations, I ran the short Chinese text about zhu Jia thru one of those on-line translators and this is what I got :-

The Zhu family education skill at martial arts is a traditional martial arts Lingnan five fist 13 Zhu family education skill at martial arts, hands down names the Zhu family education to fondly remember Mingtaizu Zhu Yuanzhang. Spreads area the Guangdong Chaoshan, Wuhwa’s south school skill at martial arts Zhu family education belongs to the Hakkas fist to plant, has had hundred year history, after in the 30s spreads to Hong Kong, calls Zhu the family praying mantis. Currently although 84 year-old inspector general Zhu Jia praying mantis country technique sports club, the teacher teaches other people from the reddish comb or crest of certain animals China’s Zhu family education Worker Zheng Yun the age greatly actually not to say draws back, continues to develop orthodox school Zhu Jia the time. He said that Zhu Jiaquan one of characteristics is the right and wrong coordination, hits the strength taking advantage of the strength, cannot get rid, the attack is swift and violent. Asked that what he does choose successor’s standard is? The Zhu family education teaches other people Worker Zheng Yun: Has the benevolence person to probably choose, handles some matters not to know that so-called does not receive welcome, most mainly do not bully others.

Wow my momentary sense of lucidity!

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