Zhu Jia 朱家教简介

August 18, 2008

It’s been a while since I last browsed youku or 56.com.

Busy and those Chinese servers, for some reasons, could be very slow.

And I just can’t figure out how to embed or download their clips for posting here.

Anyway I was at 56 today and found a nice clip talking about Zhu Jia Hakka Boxing 朱家教简介.

Click on the link , I think you’ll like this.

Here the intro text for the clip :-

朱家教拳术是传统武术 岭南五拳十三家之一的朱家教拳术,相传取名朱家教以怀念明太祖朱元璋。 流传于广东潮汕、五华一带的南派拳术朱家教属于客家拳种,有着过百年的历史,30年代传入香港后又称朱家螳螂。现年84岁的朱家螳螂国术体育会总监、师从 朱冠华的朱家教传人郑运师傅年纪虽大却不言退,继续发扬正宗的朱家功夫。他说,朱家拳的特点之一是曲直配合,借力打力,出手不回,攻击迅猛。 问他选继承人的标准是甚么呢? 朱家教传人郑运师傅:有仁义道德的人应该要选择,作一些事情不知所谓的就不受欢迎,最主要是不要欺负别人。[

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