My Zhou Jia Sisuk – Foong Yee Yen.

August 17, 2008

This is one man I never fail to visit each time I am in Penang and not only because he’s my Zhou Jia Sisuk.

Listening to him talk about the pioneer days of CKF in Penang, a period when you got to literally fight for a place, is like reading one of those wuxia novels.

Early Chinese immigrants in these parts were not exactly welcomed with open arms. As recent as 10 – 15 years ago, Chinese were still picked on in the most horrendous manner – remember Indonesia during the downfall of the late Suharto?

And now, the same experience is related by masters I meet everywhere in Sarawak.

Every time I read somewhere where folks are doubtful about “effectiveness” of TCMA, I think to myself – maybe these are peoples who are totally unaware of the fate of Chinese when they fled the mainland to resettle in these parts.

You can’t fight you die – it’s really as simple as that. CKF training to the previous generations is nothing about health, sports, recreation or entertainment.

It’s about survival!

I still get chills down my spine every time I recall how my father and uncles patrolled our village with sharpened pipes, machetes and hoes when I was a small boy living in one corner of Singapore during the racial riots and how a village now far from ours was torched and burned down. How many died during that skirmish – well nobody really know. The British had just left and the many races were jostling for dominance and blood is the currency you pay…

When talking to Foong sisuk, don’t expect to hear theories and concepts. It’s almost always about how to destroy your opponents as quickly as possible – no holds barred.


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