28 steps or San Feng Quick Fists?

August 17, 2008

Here’s the form I spoke about in my earlier entry; originally “Neik Paik Po” or “28 Steps” in Fuzhou, this form was “modified” and passed down as “San Feng Quick Fists” by Huang Laoshr to his students in Sarawak.

The form is performed by late Huang’s son-in-law, Sifu Yek Gong, in the clip.

Watching this rendition, the “Lohan” flavors just stand out.

Me? When I do the form, my sihing is always chiding me – too Lohan in his eyes. I guess that’s because my base in Lohan and the “crane” is smothered by my crude execution….

Let me video my way one of these days and show you what I mean.

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