Non chinese materials in Kung Fu Galaxy.

August 16, 2008

And speaking of karate; Kung Fu Galaxy is not confined to TCMAs – not by a long shot.

I do have some serious collected works of Japanese, Indonesian and Malaysian MAs. Recently, Russ, gave me even more Japanese / Okinawa books etc to facilitate my studies into histories, migration, evolution…..

A fact that I was ignorant before is how Okinawans retained Chinese names of some of their techniques. I always thought it’s “jodan this, gedan that and ushiro something else”.

Browsing through some of Russ stuff is an eye opener.

“7 Stars hitting Earth” ??? In a Karate kata ???

Said this before; to translate you need to understand  both languages that you are dealing with thoroughly.

To correlate any 2 fighting styles is no different.

To view superficially and make a call is misleading and a big disservice and that is why I need to work with Russ closely insofar as Karate and Southern Kung Fu connections are concerned….


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