Mark Wiley.

August 15, 2008

Really nice to receive emails from Mr. Mark Wiley recommending that we join forces to work on some projects – what an honor indeed.

Mark is the author of several MA books( Errrh, took the liberty of pasting one of his book covers here.) Including one about GM Cheong Cheng Loong’s Hakka Phoenix Eyes Boxing.


I think I got that one and Alex Co’s Ngo Chor book somewhere in my collection.

Well, I look forward to collaborations and meeting him next year. He mentioned that he is visiting these parts…..

I also want to take this opportunity to humbly apologize to folks who have written in and did not get a response from me.

Nooooo, not sitting on some high horse but simply, I move around too much…. Sometimes I access emails via my mobile phone and I am having problems even reading much less typing a reply.

And by the time I get to a work station …. Aarrrrggghhhh……I am updating blogs blah blah blah …..

Again-SORRY and be kind……

I will buy the Carlsbergs , Guinness or TsingTaos – as long as it’s NOT American beers!


One Response to “Mark Wiley.”

  1. markvwiley Says:

    88, this is 69 writing to say, Thank you for posting my book cover! A sample cover that we never used, but the guys at the webstore were drinking American beer and never upgraded to the actual cover on this one. LOL. So if you’re really buying the Carlsberg and Guinness I may be there sooner!

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