Pak Hock Pai Singapore.

August 13, 2008

You know I’ve often heard this style referred to as “Northern White Crane” and always wondered what have I missed?

Talk to any of the Sifus, of any style in fact, in Singapore/Malaysia and you are more likely to hear “Tibetan Lama White Crane” and hardly do you hear it being classified as “Northern”, really.

I think this development started with folks trying to make a distinction of this White Crane from Fukien White Crane and given that Tibetan White Crane is, usually, done in an outstretched manner – much like most typical acrobatic Northern styles.

So it’s a matter of convenience.

Whatever the case, try telling Pak Hok Sifus around here that they are a “Northern” style, I think you’ll draw a blank.

I posted some “historical” pictures from Singapore Pak Hock Pai’s yearbook here and I thought I post some more recent pics in this blog…..


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