My avatar…..

August 13, 2008

Once upon a time, in a small little town on a small little island Singapore, a boy was presented with a key chain for his birthday.

It’s a small little “golf ball” dangling at the end of the chain and on that ball is imprinted with the numbers “88”.

Through many twists and turns, this small boy found his place in the world. But, the key chain never left him ……

Neither did the numbers “88*.

So there you have it, the name “Eric88Ling”!

And this week, I finally got around to work with my designer to do up a small logo which will serve as my avatar, watermark ….. anything I want to identify as coming from me…….

My designer told me, the logo looks a little like a cartoonized pig because that’s my Chinese zodiac sign…. yeah yeah yeah….

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