Take it easy – Nope!

August 12, 2008

Just to give you an idea of how time-consuming doing what I do could be sometimes; just getting the pics required from Sifu Liew for the Hakka book saw us visiting him numerous times for photo-sessions.

Its like after one take, we go back, review and decide its not good enough – blah blah blah, you know my creative people are FASTIDIOUS.

And, mind you, Sifu Liew is located about an hour away by car from where we are … long and winding road. Not going to blog about this here but you can read about his neighborhood – 16th mile Siniawan here.

Ooops, this is not exactly where Sifu Liew resides but it’s a very good description of old Siniawan – now left abandoned and fast fading away……

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