Liew Joon Mew.

August 10, 2008

Trying out a new mode of displaying pictures in this blog.

Got here some thumbnails (click for larger views) of Sifu Liew – he posed for a book that we are working on featuring local Hakka Masters.

Sifu Liew, besides inheriting his father’s kung fu, also studied TCM. First from his father and later in China.

He is a qualified traditional Chinese medicine practitioner who has been serving folks around here for many years.

We are collaborating with him to conduct a series of workshops and short courses for those here who are not familiar with this knowledge….

Beside running a clinic, Sifu Liew also spend time in the jungles to look for plants to turn into medicine.

In fact, many natives in this part are very adept in doing the same and I hear there’s this government aided project ongoing to catalog and produce medicine using this native know-how.

All in the name of biodiversity.

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