Kung Fu in Singapore?

August 10, 2008

I was told about some hot debating going on in another forum and so I signed up just to discover more.

Well, found “Gru Bianca” or “White Crane” in Italian (so I was informed) from KFO, in there exchanging words with other members.

And Gru said that kids in Singapore are more into modern wushu and break dancing …… TCKF is shunned  by them.

How very true and I think this is in part due to the government as far as modern wushu is concerned.

Break dancing?

There is this pop saying that started in Hong Kong I think and it goes like this :-

Look at me, listen to me and adore me.

I think this applies to both wushu and BD.

Just watch those kids in the clip with their BD along Orchard Road Singapore.

One Response to “Kung Fu in Singapore?”

  1. grubianca Says:

    Glad to see you seem to agree with me, but just for information correctness, my comment was meant to Chinese youth in general, including China, Hongkong and Taiwan…., not only Singapore.

    PS: you are right, gru bianca means White Crane.


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