Huang Laoshr BaBuLien.

August 8, 2008

I am sure most of you must have seen this youtube clip of Huang Xin Xian Laoshr demonstrating BaBuLien.

Just want to note that you’ll see more of “Tui Ji” or “Push and Strike” in the late Huang’s MingHe.

I remember sitting around with elders after training and hearing them make comparisons of the various teachers and their methods…

General observation is that Huang’s MingHe is heavily “tainted” with Cheng Man Ching’s Tai Chi.

Well, can’t say I disagree; when I touched hands with him in those days, it really felt like going against a Tai Chi high hand….

These days, spending time with Sifu Liang, Wong Yi Ing’s senior disciple, and playing with his version of BaBulen, the sensation is totally different; much harder and directed at penetrating your opponent’s attack/defense with the 8 “angles”.

Last year, in Penang, Ruan Dong Sifu explanation of his BaBuLien was almost entirely all about “touch and go” – one of the foundation principles of MingHe.

And I got friends telling me that in Karate, they do the same form (Happoren) and to them, they treat it almost like SanChin…..

One tree, so many fruits …….

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