Huang Xin Xian LaoShr.

August 1, 2008

Don’t really like doing this, pointing out “error” in other people’s work. But in this case…..


This youtube clip has been labeled “White Crane SanZhan or 3 Battles” which is not right.


The form is Whooping Crane’s “Ershiba” or “28 Steps”. The Fuzhou read it as “Naik Paik Po”.


Containing elements of Pan Yu Ba’s “Shaolin Lohan” Boxing, this is an intermediate form in Fuzhou MingHe’s syllabus.


If I go according to protocol, the late Huang was my “Sisuk”. He was my late teacher’s Sihing under Xia Zhong Xiang in Fuzhou China.


My Sihing (the one in the earlier MingHe clip I posted) actually studied directly with Huang for quite a while when he was residing in Singapore and took on the position of KF consultant with our association.


Huang modified this form in Sarawak and passed it on as “San Feng Quick Fists” and even after talking to many elders around here, I still can’t ascertain his motivation for doing so.


And another thing that I am still trying to figure out; Huang supposedly taught almost no MingHe here in Sarawak – he was better known as a Tai Chi high hand.


In fact, the only elder I’ve met in my travels here who claimed to have received the entire MingHe system 12 forms from Huang is Sifu Tiea Chi Kor in Sibu.


He is retired and so far our interactions have been mainly vocal i.e I’ve not seen his Crane in action.










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