Ho Soon Physical Culture Club.

July 28, 2008

Ooookay, let see now, what do I really do everyday in Kuching???

I go to the office to do office thang you understand. Then I train everyday, teach class a couple of times every week. Dish out lots of TLC to my 4 cats and 1 dog and that could be pretty wearing, if you know what I mean….

Work on my blogs, book and DVDs and oh before I forget, I also get invited to dinners…..

Like last Saturday, Sifu Lew Joon Mew Hakka Mantis Sifu, who is also associated with “Ho Soon Physical Culture Club” in Kuching got me to attend their 49th anniversary dinner held in a community hall here.

This club teaches “San Jiao Chuan” or loosely translated to mean “3 Angles Postures”, a Hakka style Kung Fu that is not commonly seen elsewhere except within the Hakka community in Sarawak.

A substyle that they do is “Hakka Buddhist Grand Ancestor Fists”.

So together with several of my colleagues (we took up a table) and my ever handy digital camera, I spent 3 hours shooting in between chomping down dish after dish of a typical 8-course Chinese dinner.

In the clip, you get to see Hakka Lion dancing or what folks like to call “ghost lion”, Sifu Lew doing “San Jiao Chuan” and at the end of the clip you’ll see Sifu Tien doing another SJC form.

Sifu Tien is the son of the late founder of the club.

Planning on calling on these folks to get a closer look at this rare style of Hakka CKF.

Yeah, I know I got a tough job but, hey, someone got to do it……

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