School of Chinese Fighting Arts – Colorado.

July 26, 2008

You know how folks like to say “Plant a seed and enjoy the fruits later” – very appropriate as far as my personal experience goes.

Some 8 – 9 years ago, I replanted myself in Colorado for about 2 years and taught my blend of Shaolin Lohan/Tai Chor/Ancestral and Whooping Crane to a handful of students. I founded a school called “School Of Chinese Fighting Arts” Not knowing where this path would take me except that it felt right at that time….

Then the regrettable 9/11 episode happened and I left the US only to return this year to find out that my students not only sustained training but have proceeded to pass the arts to their students …. What a gratifying development…..

Wayne Hinton and Chad Osterlund, my 2 direct students there are now teachers in their own rights and with stanch supports from Stacy and Richard Dean, I now look forward to  them maturing and expanding as an organization.

One big family is how I like to view this whole thing and being the “grand-daddy” I see myself visiting Colorado frequently….

Anyway, they got a website in the works and have requested for materials to insert. So I put together this video collage for them ……..

I begin the clip with my late Sifu, Sia Mok Tai, doing a “Crane/Snake” form followed by various Sihings and I have my only living Fuzhou Crane Sifu , Lee Wen Shi, finishing the clip with our signature salute – water hands to the “Ming” posture.

Here is Colorado’s website.

Also, don’t forget to check out my new TCMA on-line resource blog.

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