Another week, another “high hand”…..

June 23, 2008

Another week just zoomed by ….. how time flies even in “laid-back” Kuching ……

Maybe I should rephrase that; when you are so immersed in what you are doing, you don’t pay attention to anything else and next thing you know, you are another week older…..

Spent quality time again with “Hakka Suppressing Tiger” Sifu Kong, first at his little stall selling steamed buns and then his home; this old gentleman is fast becoming a good friend and mentor.

So we talked about kung fu and plan to initiate a class for him to pass on his extraordinary style of Hakka boxing.

You know, the more I touch hands with Kong Sifu, the more I appreciate that old kung fu idiom:-

“I am not afraid of my opponent’s 10 thousand techniques. It’s the one technique practiced 10,000 times that I am afraid of”

Playing with Kong Sifu, I find myself “afraid” most of the time……..

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