Liang Sifu’s Flying Crane.

June 17, 2008

Got some messages asking to view Sifu Liang’s “Flying Crane” mentioned in my preceding entry.


So here’s a glimpse; I would love to post more but I got to clear it with Liang Sifu first…you understand.


Also, now that it’s really shaping up – friends and students from the US visiting Sarawak this coming November, I am trying to put together a mini-gathering.


Masters from Kuching, Sibu and my teachers/seniors from Singapore will be invited; just an informal get together to intermingle…….


Of course there will be a very formal Carlsberg fight – special brew – the grown-ups’ version.


I am also planning a jungle trekking session and run with  “Hash Harriers” Kuching chapter….


For those not in the know, these are crazy folks who run jungle tracks and afterwards stomach as much beer as possible at the end point.


I know, I know …….. Feels like heaven……




2 Responses to “Liang Sifu’s Flying Crane.”

  1. oldkarateka Says:

    Hi Sifu Eric,,aint the Hashers a drinking club with a running problem?? LOL,, I used to run with the hashers in Turkey and the Philippines.

  2. eric88ling Says:

    Started by the Brits – so I was told. So if it’s a little zany, we know why……..

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