“Accidental” Tourist.

May 15, 2008

Ooookay, besides teaching Kung Fu and meeting for potential business alliances, I did spent time behaving just like any tourist.

Visiting tourist attractions and other landmarks, savoring local foods and drinks, I also went around shopping for souvenirs for folks back in Sarawak.

With 20 plus colleagues in the company, I got to be careful not to miss out anyone and still be mindful of “budget”.

On top of that, I also picked out some buck knives for some of the masters here in Kuching; the really sharp cut-to-the-bones kind. These were packed in my checked-in luggage and I went through all the airports without hassle…

Did get myself a small little money-clip that has a folded tiny itsy-bitsy knife (more like a nail file) on the side.

When I flew through Hong Kong International on the way back, the metal-detector picked it up and they confiscated it!

To rub salt into the “small” wound, the airport security told me to come back some other time to pick it up – within 14 days – DUH!

And folks, if you are flying into the US, please go get some “TSA Recognized Baggage Locks” .

That way, if “Transportation Security” wants to inspect your checked-in luggage, they use their master-key and not break open your locks.

Also carry as little with you as possible when you go thru’ the metal detectors or do what I did; strip until you only got pant and shirt on……..everything else goes through the conveyor belt scanner.

If you got gold teeth fillings – Good Luck!

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