Sleepless in Seattle……..

April 24, 2008

After 2hrs or so in the air, I got in to Seattle and found my student , Chas Fisher,waiting at the airport.

Folks in Colorado were telling me to expect wet, cold and soggy days but so far, I find the weather more “agreeable”; yes it’s cold but it’s not dry-cold like in Colorado. At least I don’t find my nose bleeding and mouth drying in like every other minute.

Plus I get to see more colors here; flowers, apple trees….. I was a landscaper in my other life remember ? I pay attention to stuffs like these everywhere I visit.

Chas took me to the waterfront area and Pike Place Market – simple lovely and so full of “life”. I also got to see the first “StarBucks” coffee shop in that neighborhood.

You know I got to constantly remind myself that I am not here as a tourist and last evening I was over at Chas’ school to present White Crane to his students.

2 plus hours of almost non-stop playing. no wonder I am “sleepless”………

I am using Chas’ Mac to do this entry and frankly, being a PC man all my life, I am finding this new fruit a little hard to navigate………. arrrrghhhh where is the “right” click on this machine!!!

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