Hanshi Ron Carlson – Kempo First Foundation.

April 18, 2008

My first trip to the US has absolutely nothing to do with the martial arts.

I want to debunk a myth; I was not born in a cave, live on a mountain-top and just did Kung fu.

Like everyone else in Singapore, I went to school and was trained as a computer engineer. After graduation and serving in the army (compulsory in Singapore), I worked for American companies like Seagate Technologies, Control Data Corporation and Conners Peripherals.

It was in Conners that I became a manager and finally got promoted to “New Product Launch” and that required me to travel to Longmonth, Colorado to work with R&D folks.

During on of those stints, I met a gentleman by the name of James Meek – a close friend of Hanshi Ron Carlson. (on my left in pic).

One thing led to another and some 8 years back, Ron invited me out to his school to  teach White Crane.

So the myth actually started only 8 years ago – I had a life before that hahahaha……

Today I was at Hanshi’s school  to conduct a short White Crane seminar and Uncle Wayne and Guru Bob Orlando were there – just like old times………

Well folks, I owe plenty to Hanshi for all his help when I first started teaching in the US. For a period, I was even living in his school for free.

What can I say?

All martial arts ONE family…………………….

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