Another good old friend – Bob Orlando.

April 16, 2008

So almost everyday of the week I have been working out with Wayne and his students…and now with about a week to go before I fly to Seattle, we are stepping up on White Crane and Tai Zu forms, drills etc.

I am putting extra effort into the White Crane staff form because this is their first encounter with this weapon from Fuzhou Crane.

When I arrived at Wayne’s school today, I was very pleasantly surprised to see Guru Bob Orlando there.

Most folks probably got to know this gentleman through the books that he had written about Indonesian Silat systems. Bob is another longtime student of Uncle Bill.

This is one serious MA “scholar” and I remember the many sessions I had with him comparing notes about Chinese and Indonesian fighting skill sets – always stimulating working with Bob.

I had to conduct class so we couldn’t really talk much but before Bob left, we set up appointments to meet again.

So here’s looking forward to more good weather and even better MA exchanges ……..

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