White Crane, Red Rock and Cold Beers…….

April 14, 2008

Stacy doing a technique from Babulien on Chad.

Rich and Wayne – another move from Babulien.

Yesterday (Saturday) saw me spending another few hours training with Wayne and his students; Sanjin, White Crane staff and 2-men drills drawing techniques from Sanjin and Babulien etc…..

Later on Rich took me out shopping followed by some fine Oriental dining at “P F Chiang” where I ordered a “Singapore Street Noodles” – not bad, not bad at all …….

Today is the kind of day that makes me want to just get out, lie on the grass and not move – temperature in the 60s and 70s! Now this is what spring should be like……and it should just like that until I leave for Seattle.

So after a morning session with Wayne and Chad, we decided to head out to the mountains, specifically “Red Rock Amphitheater”.

I passed by this landmark many times in the past but never actually visited so I am really looking forward to the trip.

As it turned out, this place is awesome! The rock, the view from up there, the museum where they hung pictures/posters of artists who performed here, wow!

Sitting out in the sun with cold beers in front of us, Corona and Blue Moon(not exactly Carlsberg but I am not complaining, not at all)….. this is what good times are made of.

We left after a couple of hours; Rich is taking us to the Denver Nuggets/Houston Rockets NBA game at the Pepsi Center downtown – another first for me.

Never been to a NBA live game before and my next entry will be all about that experience……..

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