Rasa Sayang – Malaysia….

April 14, 2008

You know I am a Singaporean who has been living/working in Sarawak Malaysia for the past 5 years…..

So it’s like everywhere I go I get asked – “What is it like living in Malaysia?” , “Don’t you miss the urban lifestyle in Singapore” etc etc etc…..

Well, to me, Malaysia has got a nice mix of new and old – some places are no different from Singapore, like Kuala Lumpur and then you also got places that seem to have stood still for the past 30 years.

Folks there live close to nature and every time I visit one of those places – I feel “groovy”…..

Now that’s something that’s very scare in Singapore.

And of course, old styles kung fu that left China and got replanted and maintained intact; probably the primary reason why Sarawak is such a discovery.

So instead of trying to impress with words, here’s a clip done up to promote Malaysia tourism.

And if any of you want to visit, give me a shout…..

One Response to “Rasa Sayang – Malaysia….”

  1. killswitch86 Says:

    very lively =)

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