Guru Keith Moffett – Kun Lun Pai.

April 12, 2008

So the day started with more threats of snowing, so that kind of decided that I should just stay in & soak in the hot tub.

And I needed that too – with aching muscles and joints from the previous day of training with Wayne and his students. I bet the cold didn’t help any too…

Wayne got in at around noon and reminded me that I got a appointment to go see Keith Moffett, a senior student of Willem de Thouars.

First met Keith some 8 years ago and I used to just go over to his school to play with him and his guys and I gotta to tell that these guys play hard, real hard…..

Old school style training with all them knocking and bruising on the floor and Kieth is a superb kuntao player. Hard to pin down this guy!

We spent about an hour talking about current trends and happenings in the world of TCMAs – just 2 friends talking shop and find ourselves sharing many same views.

Well, I will be meeting him again before I leave Colorado …. for sure….

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