Smile, you’re on …. Eric’s camera.

April 9, 2008

Wayne in Soalim Lohan Posture. Wayne in Saolim Lohan Posture.

Saolim Lohan 2

Stacy – Tai Chor /Grand Ancestor Boxing.

Closing Posture – Grand Ancestor Boxing.

Richard – Whooping Crane.

Saolim Lohan.

Jim – Whooping Crane.

Whooping Crane.

Britney – Tai Chor.

Tai Chor.

I was at Wayne’s school again last evening, working to pass on a White Crane stick form before I leave Colorado.

Wayne is one of my students when I was here last and to , now, see him teach others the arts that I taught him is really “fulfilling”…..

Frankly, I am getting quite a kick out of watching his students do White Crane, Tai Chor and Saolim; what a dedicated lot……..

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