Update from Colorado.

April 7, 2008

Okay, let’s see what have I been up to these last few days 1 mile above sea level – besides fighting the cold and taking care of my sinus…

Well, I have been to Wayne’s school twice, met his students and had a super time introducing some finer points of Fuzhou Crane Boxing. Wayne is a student of mine and these last years, have been passing on some of the White Crane that he got from me.

What can I say, plant a seed and you see a tree and now it’s down to ensuring that the tree grow big and strong. With the dedicated following that Wayne has got in his school – no biggie. I am really pleased to see the art propagating here in Colorado.

Then there was also one evening that I spent some time at the “Colorado School Of Wing Chun” to play with some old friends.

Sifu Phil, Ron and Chad; the latter 2 also White Crane students of mine plus a group of new faces showed up and we were just totally having fun on the training floor.

Observing a minute silence at the end of training for our dearly and very untimely departure of Sifu Bart Mann kind of bring home the message; Wing Chun, White Crane…..we are all good friends of Wulin – we are family!

And this morning, Wayne, Chad and I again spent time at the Wing Chun school to go through some more White Crane fighting concepts and forms.

The weather was brilliant and after the session, we decided to hop over to the famous “Mile High Flea Market” for some turkey legs, burritos and cold beers.

Sunshine, cold beers, turkey legs, burritos and good company – what more do you want ?

Pic – Wayne in black and Chad in white tees.

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