From the US…with some jet-lagged ramblings…

March 19, 2008

After like, how many hours was it? I finally arrived at the land of McDonalds, K-marts and folks driving on the “wrong sides” of the road.

Chicago International Ariport, my point of entry into the US, had me interviewed, thoroughly, by folks from “Homeland Security”.. Well, coming from Singapore where you’ll find special forces personnels prowling popular streets like Orchard Road, with submachine guns in full view, I got no issues with though screening measures.“Better safe than sorry” is the operative idea here, I guess.Then it was a slight delay before I boarded the connecting flight to Tampa, to touch down after midnight.

Russ, my good friend, was there waiting and it was past 1 in the morning when we got to his house.

Still, instead of going to sleep – Russ got to work the next day, we spent another 2 hours talking about martial arts and going through his impressive gigantic collection of books and videos.

Well, well, well, guess I finally found my match in term of martial arts related materials.

Got up early this morning and walked aound this lovely neighbourhood and out came my faithful go-everywhere digital camera.

Now, all I got to do is figure how to work some of Russ’ softwares and I’ll start posting pics and videos.

Time to answer some emails and read some Singapore/Malaysia papers on-line.

Arrr…the wonder of the internet……..

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