Well folks, in a few hours time I will be flying to the US from Singapore Changi International Airport.


These last few days in Singapore have been hectic; the video session with my Fuzhou Crane sihing, ensuring that I got everything right for the trip etc etc…


The tea session after the video shoot with my sihing was poignant in many ways; talking about our late teachers, the one surviving teacher in his 90s, the general state of traditional CKF in Singapore and the lack of incentive or support of any kind…..


Said this umpteen times; many old timers are dismayed and have opted to stop teaching altogether and many styles/families are vanishing right before my eyes.


It’s an uphill task but against these circumstances, I see what we are trying to do as right and essential; produce opportunities for old sifus and families to reactivate their zeal to teach and pass on their knowledge.


I see this US trip as a step towards that end.


Leaving you with a short clip of my sihing doing the end portion of “Babulien”, this is shot with a hand held digital videocam. There is another high resolution camera running concurrently – that I got to wait for analogue to digital conversion.