Ha, all these talks about Fukien and Lotus or Lian Huay in Fukien – I thought some of you might like to hear a Fukien song entitled “12 Lotus Flowers”….

An old sad song, I remember hearing this as a small kid, this is a cover by a young Malaysian singer.

So when you see me with my MP3 player around my neck, I could be listening to Neil Young, Jay Chou or Fukien songs just like this ….. the older the better……

Kor Lian Ah, Kor Lian Ah ,Si Chai Kor Lian Tai………

SaoLim Old Guard.

March 9, 2008

This recent hop over to Singapore saw me sitting down with some SaoLim elders over at Siao Teck San School; one of the oldest SaoLim schools still teaching in the “old fashion” manner.

The few hours I spent with Sifu Lew was a real eye-opener as he took me through some of the methods that the late Ven. Sek used to train disciples.

We started out talking about the current state of affairs in SaoLim, forms, techniques and future plans and next thing you know, it’s almost 3 in the morning…..

I really respect all these old timers who stay true to the methods handed down and having no interest in changing for changing’s sake.

Their attitude is to continuously polish what they have learned to reach the highest level and this means constantly challenging their own thresholds.

Sifu Liew commented that many dismissed traditional MAs as “unusable” because they lack the knowledge of making it work in the first place.

Either they were not taught or taught by someone who is equally in the dark.

The techniques are one thing, what really counts is the training process involved to fully master them and this calls for long period of time understudying a qualified teacher.

There is no other way…….


Upcoming US trip.

March 9, 2008

The time has come to talk a little about this; my upcoming trip to the US.

Some friends:-

Russ Smith – Florida

Chas Fisher – Seattle

Ron Kamera/Wayne Hinton – Colorado

Are putting together a series of workshops/seminars and they have invited me to attend as a guest speaker/teacher.

Not my first time to the States, I was there for a couple of years before 9/11 and it has been a good 5 years since I last visited – busy with my research and studies in SE Asia.

This trip is exciting because in addition to touching base with old friends; I will be presenting my research studies for the first time outside of this region.

Also, this will be the wonderful opportunity to look for business liaisons with folks keen in the industry of traditional Asian martial arts.

I will be spending a few days in Singapore before flying to the US and this is to video my White Crane Sihing doing his Whooping Crane.

After much dialogue, my Sihing has finally agreed to put all the major Whooping Crane forms/principles in details on video. A Whopping Crane book is also in the pipeline.

Our only Whooping Crane Sifu still around, Li Wen Shi, is in his 90s and we want him to be part of the book; this project is long overdue and I am glad that all my White Crane elders recognize that and are willing to participate.

All these activities are scheduled to take place from 15th March till end of April and I will be updating this blog on the road….. again……





3 Royal Canon Fists.

March 9, 2008

Another style that has limited exposure, so far, outside of China – 3 Royal Canon Fists.

Got a fair bit of materials of this style in my library and I really love their crispy sharp expressions.

You’ll typically find terms like “hooking hand grip”, “snake body” and “emerging water dragon” used to broadly describe this style.

I’ll be posting more from this style ………