Monkey Climbing Tree ?

March 6, 2008

From the same “Yuan Gung Quan” DVD, here’s a pretty common monkey style approach.

Here you see a leg hook followed with a leaping knee strike; something resembling “Monkey climbing tree” in other styles like Saolim monkey….

Except that you see more of a stepping lift off with one leg on opponent tigh and then knee strike with your other leg in most other styles.

Just like what Tony Jaa likes to do in his movies and if I remember correctly, the old name for this Muay Thai technique has “Hannuman” in it.

“Hannuman” referring to the “Monkey God” in Hinduism ……..

Not monkeying around.

March 6, 2008

Another style that has stayed “hidden” until these last few years.

“Yuan Gung Quan” or “Art of Ape Power” founded by Li Fu Lin, Hebei, is now in it’s 5th generation.

Brillant blend of long arm techniques, sort of like Tibetan styles, and monkey kung fu movements like rolling, leaping and hooking hands.

I got one of their forms posted for now and some of their applications to follow later.

Standing apart from most other CKF styles, this is one art form that I will be seeking out for more materials to add to my library.

The martial arts forest is thicker and there are more monkeys than I thought …. hahahaha….