Movie oldies goodies.

March 5, 2008


Another scan of an old movie flyer – originally printed monotone on filmsy A4 size paper.

Got a big pile of these and some years back, a friend and his wife started a little tim sum cafe in a fancy part of Singapore. Him and his wife offered to buy all these flyers and movie magazines from that same period in my collection.

Not willing to part with the originals, I counter proposed to make replicas for his shop decor – which they turned down.

Must be the real thing they insisted….

Anyway, they ended up with movie posters from Hollywood; spent a handsome sum to acquire the originals, I was told.

I guess when you hear MA is a way of life, this is one of the ways; most folks collect stamps, coins etc etc – me I collect movie posters, magazines, figurines and Chinese music released during that time.

At least I have outgrown the wooden swords………..