A tiger technique that is clearly tiger inspired – my kind of “likeness” CKF.

This technique could be found in many Southern styles, in fact, I think Hungga got the same exact technique.

Taken from Mei San’s “Aggressive Tiger Descending Mountain”, the Sifu in the DVD did a very thorough job of explaining applications from the form – one of the better Dvds in recent times.

Now if only every DVD is produced this manner ……forms and functions….

Going to the movies….

March 4, 2008


I started collecting MAs books/magazines since I was a kid and my collection don’t just stop there.

Over the years, I also added other MAs paraphenelias like movie posters, flyers etc etc…

The pic you see is one such examples, a flyer promoting a movie in the 70s entitled “Fatty Wing” – nope not the Samo Hung version, this movie predates.

The 70s was a really colorful era as far as CKF movie industries were concerned, seemingly, Hong Kong was dishing out a movie a week – much like the way they do things in Bollywood these days, I suppose.

And most fighting action stars are really versed in MAs; it’s either that or the studios hire a Sifu for crash courses.

I wonder how many of you folks were caught up in the movie craze back then and took up MAs as a result of ……….

For me, going to the movies, a CKF movie especially was a real treat growing up in a small village in Singapore with no electricity.

Only entertainment, apart from the movies, was pretending to be CKF movie heroes and fighting with wooden swords with other kids.

That and “fighting” kites … another story for another day …..