If a picuture paints 1000 words, then a video clip …….

February 15, 2008

Back in the early 80s in Singapore, there was this sudden explosion of CKF books/magazines and VCDs from mainland China.

And I mean EXPLOSION! Every bookshop and there are many in sunny Singapore, was carrying tittles by the hundreds; any thing you care to pick from Shaolin, Wudang, Kun Lun, Tien Shan, Emei blah blah blah….. Friends said this is because mainland realized what a marketable “commodity” TCMAs had become – what with Bruce Lee leaving a mark everywhere.

For an aficionado like me, this sudden barrage of CKF materials was music of course…and it also meant that I had to make do with an old car when all my peers were zipping around in the latest models.

Arrrh the things we do for love…

Many of the titles released were relatively “unknown” styles like this next clip – Tai Yi Quan.

An internal WuDang sub-style, I have never seen this in action until many years later when a group of mainlanders were in Singapore for a MA expo.

Yup, back then Singapore was very dynamic when it comes to TCMA, there was always something happening – competitions, gatherings, exchanges etc etc.

Those were the days……

Actually things are not that bad even now, Singapore was one of the first few places that Tony Jaa toured to promote his debut “Ong Bak”.

There you go…..





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