5 Elements Tong Bei Quan.

February 15, 2008

Purportedly over 2000 years old, Tong Bei has always remained a mystifying art form to me.

Reading the many books that I got about this, I am expecting to see more “ape” movements; after all it’s believed to be fashioned as the “white ape”.

However, most of the performances I’ve witnessed so far are very Wushu-ish; aerial techniques, fast extended long-bridge techniques that cuts more of a PiQua or FanZi delivery. 

One of my Tong Bei books described “whipping” as the main mode of power execution which is missing in most performances I’ve seen.

Found a youku clip recently, which I believe, reflects White Ape Tong Bei succinctly….at least close to everything that I’ve read about this great system.

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