A slice of history…

February 4, 2008




In addition to all the books, magazines, manuals and video footages etc – I have collected quite a heap of “anniversary magazines” circulated by individual CKF clubs, schools and associations.

Customary in these parts to host a once a year dinner to raise funds; guests invited usually make monetary contributions to sustain many of the schools; the magazine acknowledges these contributions…

Therefore, many of these magazines are “advertisements” for businesses and wealthy well-to-do making donations; so you got a win-win arrangement.

All that aside, these magazines, to me, symbolize a slice of history of TCMA in SE Asia especially now that many of these schools and associations are defunct; some existing in names only with little or no activities….

Many CKF schools/associations were more than merely about kung fu training; many are extensions of clan associations formed by Chinese resettling in SE Asia.

It was important to the early day SE Asia or “Straits” Chinese to remember their roots; the concept was to make enough money and then go back, so staying closely-knitted was the order of the day.

As it turned out, many Chinese never left their new homes and became, collectively, Nanyang Chinese or “Southern Ocean Chinese”.

The pics you see are from one such anniversary magazine published in 1970 by “Kwang Boo Kok Suat Thuan” – an association formed by the Hainanese in Singapore.

38 years old ago ….. jeez…I must be getting old…..








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