Going on the road again …..

February 27, 2008

Heading to the airport in a couple of hours to fly to Singapore.

So I will not be inserting anything until I come back early part of next week.

This is an eagerly anticipated trip – besides meeting with key Muay Thai folks to talk about setting up in Malaysia, I am also scheduled to meet some Saolim elders and hopefully obtain details about what training with the late GM Ven. Sek was like…. from the “horses” mouth.

And if time permits, I will be calling on another Fuzhou White Crane veteran, one of the most senior in the family tree and maybe touch hands (and steal his knowledge) a little….

In the meantime, I want to leave you with another slice of Baji Quan from my archives.

Looking at the young exponent in the clip, I think this is one style that is in very good hands……

Flower or Bird ?

February 27, 2008

Here’s an interesting traditional style of CKF – Mei Hua Quan / Plum Flower Fists.

Associated with locations like Henan, Hebei and Shantung; the form in the clip, if done with a different rythm could easily be taken for Tibetian White Crane or other styles in that genre.

There’re even a couple of Crane beak techniques midway thru the form…

Am I seeing things?

Time to go easy on the Carlsbergs maybe?

Mixed Martial Arts in Asia.

February 26, 2008








No not talking about the latest fads in “MMA”, this idea of mixing has been around for a while.

Some 30 plus years I would say all over Asia.

I’ve read about fusion of various CKFs, CKFs and Muay Thai, Judo, karate and TKD in various forms and shapes. Hey, they are even mixing Silat and other art forms and teaching them all over Singapore and Malaysia.

I do Taizu (Grand Ancestor) under the banner of “San Cheen Do” which is a blend of Taizu, Wuzu, Karate, Judo and Muay Thai in Singapore at a time when you also find other hybrids like Chap Koon Do (CLF and Karate), Nam Wah Pai (mixture of several Northern/Southern CKFs), Khong Chang (Fong Yang and Karate/Judo), Hong Quan Dao, Quan Chi Dao etc etc…

Even the authorities got into the act.

In an effort, personally I think ill-advised; the Singapore Wushu Federation rounded up some traditional teachers and assembled a form called “Zhong He Quan – Combined Fists”.

This later became a compulsory form for anyone testing to be a traditional Wushu instructor.

Nothing wrong with the concept; putting out a form to “bond” the various major styles active in Singapore but it’s the cut & patch job jerky flow that raised quite a few eyebrows.

Mainland did something similar but in this case, they concentrated on southern styles that gel almost seamlessly.

In Singapore’s case, we got Fukien Soalim one minute, then Chin Woo’s stuff and then Hakka …….. aaarrrgggghhhhhhh!!!

Rojak – Singapore style fruit salad is what it is.

Frankly, I hated the form but because it was compulsory….like I have no choice…..

But folks this story has a happy ending … it’s no longer in circulation, they abolished that testing system and I am sure few, if any at all, do it anymore.







Another youku clip to share before I move on to other topics.

Something labeled as “Eagle Crane Hands”.

Again from where I am looking, this strikes as another “Northern” set.

I do see some Ying Chow like movements but where is the “crane”?

I just don’t get it…

Do you ?

This is good, I kid you not, really good – “Mad” Kung Fu.

So we got drunks, disabled (Hung Fut), lepers (Grand Ancestor), “Shen Dai” that could look a little “mad” sometimes and now …..

Heard of “Mad Monk” done in Saolim but nothing like in this clip; more emotion-triggers there.

Well, you know what they say about the Chinese – will eat anything except the funitures and that’s because they have not found a way to cook them.

Mad Kung Fu?

Not so crazy …..

We have seen the “Black Tiger” and now to keep the yin/yang of things right,let us take a peek at the “White Tiger”.

Folks, got to say this, try as hard as I may – I just don’t see tiger in the form except for the label. Not in the structure or spirit. Maybe it’s so implicit that a beginner, like me, would never get it ….. It’s okay, at least I got the song …..

Pssss….secret stuff…..

February 22, 2008

Because you folks have been sooo nice, I am going to share this “secret” Wudang Crane Chi Gung with all of you.

For the full form, go find it on 56.com where you’ll find all sorts of secrets….. not so loud!

Kung Fu Dunk!

February 21, 2008

Yesterday was one of those rare occasions that I went to the movies – to catch Jay Chou’s “Kung Fu Dunk”.

Love every minute of it; yeah yeah I know it’s a “young” fantasy-land thingy but hey I feel very young in the movie house.

I got my pop-corn and soda to prove it too….

Okay, now we get to see some obvious “tiger pouncing on prey”….and other tiger behaviors..

Some parts remind me of tiger Silat I see around here…you know “Silat Harimau” .

Flying south for winter…..

February 20, 2008

And from the severe cold North of this enormous country called China, another breed of crane just flew in…..