I am back …….

January 29, 2008

Back from another short and hectic trip; attempting to get like 50 things done in 3 days in Singapore…. Déjà vu …. This is how it was last year.

First it was a swift stop at Johor Bahru, a hotel business meeting room and we were examining prospects of a couple of business joint ventures with some folks from Singapore.

This includes launching Muay Thai in Malaysia, both amateur and pro fights and to start from scratch is calling for much commitment from all in the meeting.

I know the people involved in Singapore Muay Thai during the initial days, as well as Stephen Fox, the current General Secretary of World Muay Thai Boxing Council and my next meeting should be with Stephen.

After the meeting, we made our hurried exit to Singapore to avoid the usual weekend bumper-to-bumper infamous traffic jam along the causeway linking Malaysia and Singapore.

A quick dinner and it was off to visiting my White Crane sihing. Always the same taciturn exterior, I finally got him to commit to a Fuzhou Crane publication project.

Besides a definitely more qualified player, protocol dictates that I seek his approval for a project of this nature; he is, after all, the highest ranking in the style.

I will be posting about the activities in the coming days.

For now, a photo-slide from pages of some of the old books that I brought back to Malaysia; I got books scattered everywhere – US, Singapore and now Malaysia. I am trying to have them all concentrated here with me in Kuching…..

This is just a sample slide-show; got too many books to scan….more to follow….








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