Hakka Wing Chun Kuen

January 13, 2008

Keeping in the vein of things Hakka, here’s a “Hakka Wing Chun” clip.

Footage taken in Hong Kong some 20 -30 (maybe more) years back, got no info of the background of the form or performer.

Duh, this form is announced as “Hakka Wing Chun” so no mail from anyone telling me I got it labeled wrongly.

If you must, write to the presenter ….. If you can find him ……hahaha…

Again, with some historians recording 600+ styles of CKF, how certain are we that we’ve seen the big picture.

CKF is a huge elephant folks, so let’s not be the 6 blind men…

It’s Sunday still, remember?

And I am still in the “preachy” mood…..



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