I am not a Cantonese.

January 12, 2008

I received the following from a reader, pointing to a Wing Chun clip I posted recently.

Yes, the characters on the DVD’s sleeve is “rice machine Wong” and I spelled in as “Mai Kay” and not “Mai Gei” . 

Just want to clarify that I spell the way I pronounce those characters in the Cantonese that I speak – no other agenda… 

I am not Cantonese and the way I speak is a mix of all the various Cantonese that I’ve picked up around here in SE Asia.

And “thanks” for your inputs about Sifu Wong; if you are contact with him, please tell him that I am a big fan of his….

 Here’s his message :-

I would like to correct a clip name. This is not “Mai Kay Wong WCK” but “Mai Gei Wong WCK”.

I would like to correct a clip name. This is not “Mai Kay Wong WCK” but “Mai Gei Wong WCK”.

Greatmaster Wong Wu Fong, later for his fighting ability called “Mai Gei Wong” – “rice machine Wong”. He was intersted in martial art from his childhood, he was experienced in many styles and big physical culture fans. He trained “Nothern Shaolin”, “Taj Ji”, “Pakua”, “Xing Yi”, “Tai Hoi”, “Mok Ga”, western box, fight and weight-lifting. By Master Wong Jing he started to learn, when like the only Master, who he met, managed him in friend fight to knock him down. He sent him to train to another Yuen Kay Shan pupil´s school – Master Sum Nung to have another view on Wing Chun from other direction. From there come some excercises “San Sik” and next techniques, which Master Wong Wu Fong included to his style “Mai Gei Wong Wing Chun”. In 1960´s and 1970´s was the line “Mai Gei Wong” Wing Chun the strongest school of this style in surrounding cities Fatsan and Guangzhou. Greatmaster Wong Wu Fong was admired master of fight and very respected person of local sommunity martial arts. There are incredible stories about his fighting abilities, speed and power, many times certified from up to now living eye-wintesses. After retire he forbad to use the name “Mai Gei Wong”, so his style isn´t known except China. Greatmaster Wong Wu Fong died in the year 1998. On his funeral were over 300 mourning guests, mainly pupils and Masters of many kung fu styles, who were his friends.

Greatmaster Wong Wu Fong taught Wing Chun Kung Fu all his children. One of them is Master Wong Nim Yi, who lives and teaches in southchinese city Guangzhou. He trains Kung fu from early childhood under his father´s charge, but another important Masters too. He can a few kung fu styles, but for example “Lion dance”, kaligraphy… His own kung fu school festively opened and officially registered in the year 1998. Before he taught in his father´s school, which he took over after hi death. He taught only “Mai Gei Wong Wing Chun” and a few interested people Tai Ji Quan every day early morning and in the evening in “Tian He Sport Center” park. During the day is his flat full of pupils and variant visiters – Wing Chun teachers from far surrounding and Masters of other styles, who like discussing with him by “Kung Fu” tea about all possible martial art aspects, how chinese as any other. Master Wong is very pleasant and humorous man, who also can during a second explode with incredible power and speed. His Wing Chun Kung Fu knowledges and fighting abilities are very deep. His pupils are from all social sections and all age groups. In last years he teaches his art unchinese pupils too.

On this video is master Wong Nim Yi.


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