Mok Gar.

December 31, 2007

Another prominent Cantonese system, Mok Gar, as in “Hung, Lau, Choy, Li and Mok” often quoted as “major” 5 big families of Cantonese styles.

Comparatively uncommon, at least in my part of the world, Mok Gar is prominent for their kicking methods – “heart piercing” and “small ghost” kicks being their typical techniques …..

Talking to Por Suk and Ku Sifu recently in Penang and Singapore, I found out that:-

  • Mok Gar teaches “Pien San” or” Side body” approaches. Kind of like how a TKD fighter would take on an opponent….
  • Mok Gar, along with Wing Chun, Hungga and CLF is still very much a part of Poon Yu’s Cho Koon training syllabus.

Here’s a old clip featuring this style:-

Love their opening posture” “Hands are the 2 doors, the legs take the opponent”…..

Got a bunch of old books/magazines talking about Mok Gar…will post those at a later time including Poon Yu’s Mok Gar.





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